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Our mission as a nonprofit since 2017 is to strategically function as a year-round weekend food program provider in partnership with Food Bank of Rockies and the Jefferson County Department of Education Title One department. Our mission is to help kids and families eat by providing food over the weekends to ensure that no child goes hungry in Jeffco Title One Schools and GAP schools. We will never stop working towards this goal

Since January 2020, we have distributed over 22,500 bags and 2,575 boxes, which are snacks, pantry items and produce!!!


Overview of the Friday Pack Leader

·  Coordinate with Volunteer Coordinator to schedule and coordinate drivers who pick up foods at FBR and deliver them to Jeffco Eats location; and packers needed for Fridays

·  Supervise the unloading of food upon arrival at Jeffco Eats, confirm delivery is correct and determine placement for immediate packing or storage for later

·  Packing 700-1000 weekly, with 7-10 items in each bag

·  Oversee the weekly packing and storage of the packed bags and food for subsequent distribution 

·  Volunteers can range anywhere from 8-25 weekly

room8101 e dartmouth ave denver, CO 80231
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